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Could there be an end to cosmetic surgery scarring?

For some cosmetic surgery patients, actually going under the knife for an operation isn’t their main consideration. Instead, how effectively they will heal afterwards and whether or not there will be any scarring is their chief concern, particularly if they are undergoing a body contouring procedure such as a tummy tuck or arm lift that […]

Importance of early detection of melanoma

As Britain basks in the hottest summer since 1976, the warnings are being issued about how to stay safe in the sun. Experts are recommending we stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, wear a sun hat and cover up with sunscreen. This all sounds sensible enough, but there is something else we […]

Understanding breast augmentation risks: capsular contracture

As the latest season of Love Island has come to end, it is interesting to note that a new survey has found that one in ten female viewers of the programme, aged between 18 and 34, had been left considering breast augmentation surgery. Breast enhancement with implants has always been a popular cosmetic surgery procedure […]

How do I know what the best breast implant size is for me?

It’s funny to talk about breast size going in and out of fashion, but that’s exactly what does happen. Whether people want very large or much smaller breasts really does change over time, and the cosmetic surgery trends adapt accordingly. Back in the 1980s, the Baywatch-inspired breasts were large, round and brazen, whereas, in the […]

Surprising factors that can affect your propensity to gain weight

Many people struggle with their weight, some of whom try really hard to counter their challenges, while others are much more resigned to it. For those of us who work hard to try and get the right balance between calorie intake an exercise, if the pounds still keep creeping back on it can become disheartening. […]

What type of tummy tuck is best for me?

Once you have decided that cosmetic surgery is the best route for you, there are usually different procedures available, depending on exactly what you would like to achieve. Many men and women cite that their middle is a cause for concern as it can be challenging to tone up your tummy when gravity, weight fluctuations […]

NHS chief condemns Love Island plastic surgery advertising

Love Island is a cultural phenomenon, whether you like it or not, but ITV has recently come under fire from fans, psychologists, plastic surgeons and even the Chief Executive of NHS England for the showing of plastic surgery adverts during the breaks. Simon Stevens of the NHS stated that breast augmentation adverts shown during Love […]

Study finds essential oils can cause increased gynaecomastia risk

More evidence has been published that find essential oils could make male breasts develop in young boys. Gynaecomastia or the appearance of male breasts can be a highly distressing condition and more research is being focused on what causes it. True gynaecomastia, which is the over-development of glandular breast tissue in the male chest is […]

Mr Alan Park attends GCA Academy Experts meeting in Barcelona

Mr Alan Park has just returned from beautiful Barcelona where he attended the second meeting of the GC Aesthetics Academy. As market leaders in the international aesthetics industry and manufacturers of the Nagor and Eurosilicone implants, GC Aesthetics prides itself on the support and empower the doctors and surgeons it works with. Every medical practitioner […]