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The limitations of carrying too much weight when considering plastic surgery

When you’re being considered for any form of operation, health practitioners will need to assess your overall health and well-being before agreeing to operate. This is especially true for elective surgeries and cosmetic surgery is elective – the patient has decided to undergo surgery to improve their physical appearance with a view to boosting self-esteem, […]

How the new cosmetic surgery guidelines are bedding in

In 2016, new cosmetic surgery guidelines were introduced by the General Medical Council (GMC) in an attempt to further regulate the cosmetic surgery industry. The first thing to note is that many of the guidelines are already reflected in the work that reputable cosmetic surgery practitioners already perform. The guidelines, as published in the Keogh […]

Cosmetic surgery considerations

All big decisions in life need careful thought and consideration before you decide to take the plunge, and cosmetic surgery is no different. It is important to think through every step if the process carefully before you commit to any decision, as you need to be fully informed and fully prepared before you opt for […]

Which cosmetic procedures will be popular in 2018?

As we enter a new year it is interesting to look back over the trends of 2017 and wonder what might be on people’s cosmetic surgery wish list for 2018. The start of a new year is a time to make resolutions and often this can be appearance based. Here’s our rundown of cosmetic surgery […]

Is anybody able to have cosmetic surgery?

Eligibility for cosmetic surgery isn’t something that everyone will know that they need to consider, but like many decisions in life, there are certain questions that need to be asked up front before it can be established whether cosmetic surgery is suitable for you. There are three main things that you need to ascertain before […]

The importance of choosing a BAAPS surgeon

In a startling press release issued by the British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), it is revealed that “four out of five [cosmetic] surgeons record rise in revisions for botched procedures.” The data has come from a new survey undertaken with BAAPS members. The Association has over two hundred members, including Mr Alan Park, […]