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Tummy tuck recovery – what to expect

If you’re preparing for a tummy tuck, then one of the important things to consider is how you plan to approach the recovery stage. Understanding what to expect from the healing process is very important; if your expectations are aligned with reality then you won’t be in for any unexpected surprises. A tummy tuck is […]

Cosmetic surgery demand driven by age discrimination?

It’s long been considered that a desire to look younger and more dynamic, particularly in an increasingly challenging employment market, is a driver for men and women seeking cosmetic surgery such as the facelift or eyelid lift. Now, research has been carried out that proves that the boom in anti-ageing cosmetic surgery in recent years […]

Understanding capsular contracture

Your plastic surgeon will work meticulously and diligently to avoid potential risks following cosmetic surgery but sometimes complications are unavoidable. While there are many factors that can be studied and analysed to ensure that patients get the right treatment and recovery plan for them, there are some things which are out of surgeons’ control. One […]

Breast augmentation timing

For women who are planning a breast augmentation, the decision to book the procedures typically comes months (if not years) after they begin thinking about it and researching exactly what they want. It is not a decision to be rushed, but when you are ready to go ahead with it, understanding the timeline for the […]

The male facelift can make you appear more likeable and trustworthy

The demand for male cosmetic surgery has seen rapid growth in recent years, but men who might be contemplating facial rejuvenation to appear younger and more dynamic can often be concerned that they risk looking drastically different or even more feminine. The good news is that a recent study has found that men who undergo […]

Breast augmentation vs breast lift – which is right for me?

A breast augmentation and a breast lift are two completely different procedures, each with different goals in mind. The key differences between the two are as follows: Breast augmentation – this involves changing the size of the breasts, usually by the insertion of breast implants. It is confusing as the terms ‘breast augmentation’ and ‘breast […]

5 common breast augmentation myths explored

When you’re looking to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure, you’ll no doubt spend some time researching what to expect and trying to find answers to some of your initial questions. Although any questions you have can always be discussed with your surgeon, many people like to read around the subject first, to help them make […]

3 things to consider before undergoing a tummy tuck

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ – and this can be applied to many things in life – including your cosmetic surgery journey. The preparation required by patients ahead of having cosmetic surgery is quite simple, but very important. Do your research, don’t rush into your decision and ensure […]