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Latest statistics reveal male cosmetic surgery trends

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) is the professional association that regulates the cosmetic surgery industry in the UK. It is a not-for-profit organisation, with responsibility for the advancement of education and practice of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for public benefit and has more than 300-member surgeons. As such, it has access to data […]

Everything in moderation including cosmetic surgery

Most of us have heard the phrase ‘everything should be done in moderation’ and it’s generally a good mantra to live by. It’s fine to dabble in things that have the potential to change our lives or the way we live them, but this is essentially saying, don’t push it too far. This sensible approach […]

Heatwave raises awareness of keeping an eye on your skin

Following the Beast from the East and all the snow earlier in the year, we have since been treated to the “hottest April days since 1949”, with sunshine across the UK and temperatures reaching the late 20s. Parks, gardens and beaches were suddenly transformed into a mecca for those hoping to enjoy the sunshine. A […]

Cosmetic surgery embracing 3D printing

In the past year or so we have been hearing more and more about 3D printing, which, in simple terms is as follows: “3D printing refers to processes in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object, with material being added together (such as liquid molecules or powder grains […]

New possible cause of ‘moob’s discovered

A surprising number of boys and men in the UK suffer from a condition known as gynecomastia, which is the development of excess breast tissue in males. Physiologic gynaecomastia can develop in up to seven in ten adolescent boys. Very young babies and adolescent males can often suffer from this on a temporary basis because […]

Dramatic cosmetic surgery transformation

In light of our previous blog post on the psychological impact of cosmetic surgery, it was with interest that we saw South American Luis Padron from the Argentinean capital Buenos Ares appearing on UK breakfast TV to show off his cosmetic surgery transformation. Padron claimed to have suffered at the hands of bullies whilst at […]

The psychological impact of cosmetic surgery

In an article published in this month’s The Psychologist, the journal of the British Psychological Society, the impact of cosmetic surgery on a patient’s wellbeing was discussed. A new specialist interest group are campaigning for more involvement for psychologists in the decision-making process and aftercare provision. “Psychology is to plastic surgery what physiotherapy is to […]

Mr Alan Park now a Key Opinion Leader for Breast Implant Manufacturer

Mr Alan Park has recently been asked to become a Key Opinion Leader for GC Aesthetics, a leading global manufacturer of silicone breast implants. Their two brands are French-based Eurosilicone and Nagor, the UK’s only producer of breast implants. Providing more than 1,000 products across 70 countries, GC Aesthetics has over 30 years’ experience in this […]

Signs that suggest that you might want to consider a breast reduction

There are a variety of different reasons why a woman might consider having a breast reduction, but some women may not realise that the symptoms they are suffering with are a consequence of breasts that are too large for her frame. Overly large breasts can cause pain and discomfort, so if you’re experiencing any of […]

Cosmetic surgery myth busting

Almost all professions have challenges with misconceptions and headlines that lead people to jump to incorrect conclusions, and the world of cosmetic surgery is no exception to this. Most misconceptions are borne out of genuine misunderstandings, so here we try and put the record straight on some of the plastic surgery myths we’ve heard recently. […]