Body image a concern for boys as well as girls

According to the results of a new survey, there is a growing trend of boys being ever more concerned about their appearance. It has long since been recognised that young girls suffer from these anxieties, but now the rise in boys sharing these concerns is worrying experts. The survey was undertaken amongst 1,000 young boys […]

Cosmetic surgeons stress the need for more graphic advertising on firework packaging

With fireworks night behind us for another year and many of us having enjoyed speculator light displays, there are unfortunately still reports every year of people sustaining terrible injuries through accidents and carelessness involving fireworks. It has been reported that the number of injuries sustained in the UK by fireworks has been rising year on […]

Understanding breast augmentation revision  

Breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure worldwide and studies show that it records one of the highest satisfaction rates – currently, the aesthetic review site RealSelf records a 98% ‘worth it’ rate for breast enhancement, outranking all other breast, body and face operations. With such high satisfaction rates, it might seem strange […]

Younger generation out of love with own bodies

According to a new report penned by the Youth Select Committee, “body dissatisfaction can start as young as six and lead to depression, anxiety and eating issues.” There is a real concern that if the scale of this issue is not recognised and given due care and attention, many young people will enter adulthood with […]

Returning to exercise after a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is a major operation, one that requires time and patience to recover from. Many patients will be aware that to maintain the good work crafted by their cosmetic surgeon and ensure they retain a slimmer, firmer physique, will mean adopting a lifestyle that contains a sensible intake of calories and a healthy […]

Love Island advert banned by content watchdog

During the ever-popular recent series of ITV’s Love Island, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a number of complaints in regard to an advert that was aired during one of its advert breaks. The advert was for a cosmetic surgery clinic and showed a number of young ladies enjoying themselves in exotic locations, with an […]